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The 1988 Nonprofit Counsel Summaries

January 1988

  • "National Foundation" Presents Unique Ideas, IRS Concerns [National Foundation, Inc. v. United States]

  • House Tax Bill Writers Warn on Charitable Deduction Abuses

  • IRS Rules on Political Exempt Expenditures [Rev. rul. 87-119]

  • Giving Rules for Bank Debt to Conservation Groups Changing

  • Firefighters' Association Held to be Tax-Exempt [Rev. Rul. 87-126]

February 1988

  • 1987's Last Gasp for Nonprofits: More Tax Reform

  • Foundation Income Distribution Rule Clarified [Stanley O. Miller Charitable Fund v. Commissioner]

  • University Loses on Sexual Preference Issues [Gay Rights Coalition of Georgetown University Law Center and District of Columbia v. Georgetown University]

March 1988

  • 1987 Reform Rules Amplified by IRS

  • IRS: Action on Judicial Nominations Is "Legislation"

  • U.S. Supreme Court reviewing Fund-Raising Case [National Federation of the Blind of North Carolina v. Riley]

  • Book Series for Nonprofit Organizations, Managers, and Advisors Launched

April 1988

  • IRS Reworking Proposed Public Charity Lobbying Regulations

  • IRS Exempt Organization Advisory Group Meets

  • Bargain Sale Regulations Finalized

May 1988

  • Unrelated Income Proposals Unveiled; Would Have Big Impact

  • Oversight Subcommittee Examines Nonprofits' Penalty Provisions

  • Certain Charitable Groups Exempt From Reporting on Informant Compensation

June 1988

  • Tax Law Revision in 1988?

  • Unrelated Income Tax Law Revisions Progressing

  • Technical Corrections Bills Introduced

  • What Is Going On at the Supreme Court?

  • Fraternity Magazine Held Not "Educational," Resulting in Taxation [Phi Delta Theta Fraternity v. Commissioner]

  • IRS Exempt Organizations Offices Reorganizing

July 1988

  • Gift Property Substantiation and Appraisal Rules Issued

  • UBIT Proposals Being Finalized

  • Trustee's Discretion Disqualifies Lead Interest [Rev. Rul. 88-27]

August 1988

  • Charitable Gift Receipt and Recordkeeping Regs Finalized

  • Supreme Court Upholds Club Discrimination Ban [New York State Club Association v. New York City]

  • Supreme Court Decides Procedural Issue in Catholic Church Exemption Case [Abortion Rights Mobilization, Inc. v. Baker]

  • IRS Proposes Scholarship Exclusion Regulations

  • IRS Reverses on Deferred Compensation Issue [Notice 88-68]

September 1988

  • IRS Commissioner Asks Charities' Help in Curbing Fund-Raising Abuses

  • Supreme Court Favorably Decides Fund-Raising Case [Riley v. National Federation of the Blind of North Carolina, Inc.]

  • Adjunct Theory Held to Lack Broad Application [Knights of Columbus Building Association of Stanford, Connecticut, Inc. v. United States]

  • Deductions Denied for Gifts of Royalty, Net Profits Interests [Rev. Rul. 88-37]

  • IRS Again Provides Guidance as to Section 457 Plans [Notice 88-98]

October 1988

  • IRS Seeking Public Comment on Political Activities Issue [Ann. 88-114]

  • IRS Holds Hearing on Corporate Gift Appraisal Rules

  • IRS Revising Gift Property Returns and Forms

  • IRS Advises on Earmarked Funds as Public Support [Gen. Coun. Mem. 39748]

  • Private Foundation Tax Assessment Period Interpreted [Cline v. Commissioner]

  • Technical Corrections Act Advancing in Congress

November 1988

  • Technical Corrections Act Passed as 100th Congress Adjourns

  • Bar Association Candidate-Rating Opinion Reversed [The Association of the Bar of the City of New York v. Commissioner]

  • Advertising Losses Not Allowed Against Other Unrelated Income [West Virginia State Medical Association v. Commissioner]

December 1988

  • A More Detailed Summary of the Technical Corrections Act

  • IRS Issues Guidelines on Fund-Raising Disclosure and Other 1987 Law Revisions [IR-88-154]

  • IRS Provides New Remainder Trust Sample Provisions [Rev. Rul. 88-81]

  • Deduction Allowed for Annuity Interest Where Excess Income Added to Corpus [Rev. Rul. 88-2]

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