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The 1995 Nonprofit Counsel Summaries

January 1995

  • Proposed Regulations on Political Activities by Charities Issued

  • Proposed Regulations on Integrated Auxiliaries of Churches Issued

  • IRS Revokes Health Care Institution's Tax Exemption; Lawsuit Filed by Entity [LAC Facilities, Inc. v. United States]

February 1995

  • Settlement by NY Attorney General Offers Guidelines for Charities' Operations

  • Proposed Regulations Issued on Insurance Purchases and Indemnifications by Private Foundations

  • IRS Rules on Tax Consequences of Short Sales of Stock [Rev. Rul. 95-8]

  • IRS Rules on Taxation of Mailing List Exchanges [TAM 9502009]

  • Parade of Legislation

March 1995

  • Volunteer Exception Held Not Available, Because of Tips [Executive Network Club, Inc. v. Commissioner]

  • IRS Allows Land Sales to Proceed Without Taxation [PLR 9505020]

  • Using First- and Second-Tier Subsidiaries: A Case Study [PLR 9506046]

  • IRS Approves Nontraditional Foundation Investments [PLR 9451067]

  • Administration's Budget and Tax Expenditures

  • Churches and Political Campaign Activities -- Again

  • Parade of Legislation

April 1995

  • Partnership Case Won By IRS on Appeal -- On Technicality [Housing Pioneers, Inc. v. Commissioner; see September 1995 issue]

  • Treasury, IRS Sketch Out 1995 Game Plan

  • Ways and Means Announces Oversight Plan for Coming Months

  • Association Tax Issues Subject of Wide-Ranging TAM [9509002]

May 1995

  • IRS Proposes Guidelines for Physician Recruitment Plans [Ann. 95-25]

  • IRS Applies Surtax Exemption Apportionment Rule in EO Setting [TAM 9509002]

  • Full UBIT Deduction Held Available for Social Clubs [Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council v. Commissioner]

  • IRS Creates Limited Exception for Associate Member Dues [Rev. Proc. 95-21]

  • Parade of Legislation

June 1995

  • Association Prevails on Two Unrelated Business Issues [American Academy of Family Physicians v. United States]

  • IRS Issues Proposed Guidelines for Low-Income Housing Exempt Organizations [Ann. 95-37]

  • Church Sues IRS Over Revocation of Exemption for Political Acts [Branch Ministries v. Richardson]

  • Form 990 Revisions Underway; Development to be Incremental

  • Exempt Organizations Financial Data to be More Publicly Accessible

  • Parade of Legislation

July 1995

  • IRS Proposes Tax-Exempt Use Property Regulations

  • Credit Union Association Ruled a Business League [Credit Union Insurance Corporation v. United States]

  • Association Ruled to be Exempt From Lobbying Rules

  • Latest IRS Data on Foundations Made Available

  • S Corporation Law Revisions Would Allow Exempt Shareholders

  • Implications of the New Era Foundation case

August 1995

  • Wide Range of Tax Law Proposals Considered During House Committee Hearings

  • Association Held to Have Taxable Insurance Income [Texas Farm Bureau v. United States]

  • Are Tax Law Changes for Exempt Organizations Imminent?

  • Charities and Lobbying -- And Misunderstanding of the Law

September 1995

  • Congress Limiting Exempt Organization's Lobbying

  • IRS Issues Final Regulations Concerning Definition of Lobbying, In-House Lobbying Expense Allocations

  • IRS Issues Rules Governing Exempt Organizations' Lobbying and Political Campaign Activities Disclosures and Taxes
    [Rev. Proc. 95-35]

  • Appeals Court Tries to Fix Its Erroneous Partnership Opinion -- And Fails [Housing Pioneers, Inc. v. Commissioner]

  • Treasury Responds to Tax Proposals Considered at Hearing

October 1995

  • New Version of Intermediate Sanctions Proposed by Treasury

  • Treasury Again Proposes Disclosure Requirements

  • IRS Issues Final Regs on Scholarships as Income

  • Minister's Expenses Held to be Those of Employee [Weber v. Commissioner]

November 1995

  • Intermediate Sanctions on the Road to Enactment

  • Tax Legislation Contains Much More Than Sanctions

  • Self-Dealing Law Galore as IRS Issues Raft of Rulings [PLRs 9530032, 9533041, 9535015, 9535043]

  • Lessening the Burdens of Government: Keeping Baseball [PLR 9530024]

December 1995

  • Senate Passes Massive Tax Legislative Package

  • Hospital Cooperatives and Exemption: Close Is Not Enough [TAM 9542002]

  • Cooperative's Arbitrage Profits Held Debt-Financed Income [Southwest Texas Electrical Cooperative, Inc. v. Commissioner]

  • Instant Bingo Not "Bingo" Protected by UBIT Exception [Julius M. Israel Lodge of B'nai B'rith No. 2113 v. Commissioner]

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