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The 2000 Nonprofit Counsel Summaries

January 2000

  • Congress Passes Tax Bill (Which Is Signed), Adjourns

  • A Closer Look at the Proposed Charitable Remainder Trust Rules

  • Court of Appeals Brings New Perspective to Compensation Reasonableness Determination Rules [Exacto Spring Corporation v. Commissioner]

  • Donors of Undervalued Property Held Entitled to Charitable Deduction Based On Higher (25x) Appraised Value [Herman v. United States]

  • RS Issues Inflation-Adjusted Items for 2000 [Rev. Proc. 99-42]

February 2000

  • Bishop Estate School Avoids Revocation of Tax Exemption; Closing Agreement to be Signed

  • First Intermediate Sanctions Cases Arrive at Tax Court [including Caracci v. Commissioner; see the July 2002 issue]

  • IRS Restructuring Officially Underway; Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division Launched

  • IRS Rules Twice as to Program-Related Investments [PLRs 199943044, 199943058]

  • Day-Old Resignation Held to Remove Disqualified Person Status [PLR 199943047]

  • IRS Clarifies Position On PAC Raffles

  • Final Regulations Issued Concerning Estate Expenses and Charitable Deduction

March 2000

  • Private Foundation Final Public Disclosure Regs Issued

  • Utah Fund-Raising Law Found Partially Unconstitutional [American Target Advertising, Inc. v. Giani]

  • Foundation's Leasing Arrangement With Disqualified Persons, and LLC Investment, Held to Not Violate Tax Rules [PLR 199950039]

  • Private Foundation Has Qualifying Distribution for Net Value of Asset [PLR 199947035]

  • Organization Held Charitable Despite Lack of Contributions [State Department of Assessments and Taxation v. North Baltimore Center, Inc.]

  • Tax Expenditures for 2000-2004 Released

  • Private Foundations: Media Views

April 2000

  • Travel and Tour Activities Final Regulations Issued

  • Joint Committee on Taxation Recommends Expansive Exempt Organizations Disclosure Changes

  • Administration's Budget Proposal Contains Many Nonprofit Law Items

May 2000

  • Joint Committee Staff Issues Exempt Organization Report [JCS-3-00]

  • Proposed Corporate Sponsorship Regulations Issued; Exclusivity Arrangements Swept In

  • IRS Rules as to Charitable Deduction for Right to Purchase Skybox Tickets [TAM 200004001]

  • Activities of For-Profit Subsidiary Not Attributed to Related Exempt Organization [PLR 199938041]

  • Political Organizations and the Media

June 2000

  • IRS Issues Proposed Charitable Lead Trust Regulations

  • Payments Made In Conjunction With Sweepstakes Program Ruled Deductible Gifts [PLR 200012061]

  • IRS Issues Notice Concerning Split-Dollar Filing Dates, Forms [Notice 2000-24]

  • Treasury, IRS Issue 2000 Priority Guidance Plan

  • Joint Committee Statff Findings as to IRS Examination Process

July 2000

  • Appellate Court Upholds Revocation of Church's Exempt Status Because of Its Political Activities [Branch Ministries v. Rossotti]

  • Margin-Financed Securities Held to Produce Debt-Financed Income [Henry E. & Nancy Horton Bartels Trust for the Benefit of the University of New Haven v. United States]

  • Self-Dealing Not Present in Condominium-Sharing Arrangement [PLR 200014040]

  • Certification Is Exempt Function for Business League [PRL 200020056]

  • Charitable Giving in 1969: Another Dramatic Increase

August 2000

  • Political Activities Disclosure Legislation Rockets to Passage

  • House Passes Bill to Repeal Estate and Gift Taxes

  • Perspectives on the Estate Tax

  • Supreme Court Upholds Boy Scouts in Freedom of Association Case [Boy Scouts of America v. Dale]

  • IRS Approves Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangement As Part of Compensation Package [PLR 200020060]

  • Gift Shop and Tea Room Held Unrelated Businesses [TAM 200021056]

  • Update on TRS Reorganization

September 2000

  • Political Organizations Reporting and Disclosure Rules: The Details

  • Political Organizations Reporting and Disclosure Law: The Forms

  • Industry "Auditing" Organization Held to Not Be Charitable and to Generate Private Benefit [Quality Auditing Company v. Commissioner]

  • Charitable Deduction Not Allowed Because of Absence of Gift [ Signom v. Commissioner]

October 2000

  • Florida County Ordinance Amended to Encompass Internet Solicitations

  • IRS Proposes Guidance on New Political Organizations Law [IR-2000-54]

  • Trust Fails to Qualify as CRAT Because of Failure to Pay Annuity Amounts and Invasion of Trust Corpus [Estate of Atkinson v. Commissioner]

  • Another Appeals Court Decides Reasonable Compensation Case [Labelgraphics, Inc. v. Commissioner]

  • Appeals Court Finds Its Way to Correct Decision, While Misconstruing Private Foundation/Public Charity Law [Stanbury Law Firm, P.A. v. IRS]

November 2000

  • NASCO Proposes Principles on Internet Solicitations

  • IRS Publishes CPE Text for FY 2001

  • Appeals Court Allows Estate Tax Charitable Deduction in Quarrel Over Will Language [Estate of Starkey v. United States]

December 2000

  • First Intermediate Sanctions Excess Compensdation Case Arrives in U.S. Tax Court; Penalties Total $6.4 Million
    [Peters v. Commissioner]

  • IRS Solicits Public Comment on EO Internet Issues [Ann. 2000-84]

  • IRS: Gifts to Donor-Advised Fund Are Public Support [PLR 200037053]

  • Contract for Deed Held to Reflect Completed Gift [Musgrave v. Commissioner]

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