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Magnin, Estate of v. Commissioner: July 2001


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Manning Association v. Commissioner: January 1990

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Marinello v. United States: May 2018

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Marriott International Resorts, L.P. v. United States: March 2010

Marsh v. Chambers: July 2014

Martin v. The Ohio State University Foundation: February 2001


Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission v. American Humanist Asssociation: September 2019

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Mast v. Commissioner: June 1989

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McComish v. Bennett: January 2011

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McCord v. Commissioner: July 20

McCreary County v. American Civil Liberties Union: September 2005

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McGrady v. Commissioner: March 2017

McLennan v. United States: August 1993, December 1991, July 1991

McManus v. Commissioner: April 1987

Mead v. Holder: May 2011

Mecox Partners, LP v. United States: May 2016

Media Sports League, The v. Commissioner: January 1987

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Menard, Inc. v. Commissioner: November 2004

Merchants Bank of Boston, Executor v. Commissioner: August 1993

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Meroni v. The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity: December 1986

Michigan v. United States: December 1994, October 1992

Michigan Catholic Conference v. Burwell: October 2015

Michigan Retailers Association v. United States: August 1988

Midwest Palliative Hospice and Care Center v. Beard: May 2019

Midwest Research Institute v. United States: March 1987

Miedaner v. Commissioner: January 1984

Miller v. Internal Revenue Service: November 1987

Miller & Son Drywall, Inc. v. Commissioner: August 2005

Miller Charitable Fund, Stanley O. v. Commissioner: February 1988

Minnick v. Commissioner: October 2015, February 2013

Minority Television Project, Inc. v. FEC: June 2012

Missall v. Commissioner: January 2009

Mitchell v. Commissioner: September 2017, October 2015, February 2013, June 2012

Mitchell, Estate of v. Commissioner: July 2001

Mobile Republican Assembly v. United States: March 2004

Moda Health Plan, Inc. v. US: July 2020 

Mohamed v. Commissioner: July 2012

Montrois v. United States: May 2019

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Moore v. Commissioner: July 2018

Moore, Harlan E. Charitable Trust v. United States: November 1995, August 1994, May 1993, April 1993

Morganbesser v. United States: May 1993, March 1993, March 1992

Morrison v. Commissioner: April 1987

Morse v. Frederick: September 2007

Mother and Unborn Baby Care of North Texas, Inc. v. State: September 1991

Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association of U.S., Inc. v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.: October 2018

Mott Foundation, Charles Stewart v. United States: August 1991

Mountanos v. Commissioner: August 2016, August 2013

Multi-Pak Corporation v. Commissioner: August 2010

Murdock v. Pennsylvania: March 1990

Museum of Flight Foundation v. United States: April 2017

Musgrave v. Commissioner: December 2000

Music Square Church v. United States: September 2000

Mutual Aid Association of the Church of the Brethren v. United States: June 2005

Myers v. Loudoun County Public Schools: October 2005

Mysteryboy Incorporation v. Commissioner: April 2010


1982 East, LLC v. Commissioner: June 2011

NAACP v. Alabama: January 2020, June 2019

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National Association of Postal Supervisors v. United States: December 1991, April 1991, October 1990

National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Commissioner: November 1990, October 1990, September 1990, April 1989

National Education Association of the United States v. Commissioner: December 2011

National Emergency Medicine Association (US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia): October 2019

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National Federation of Republican Assemblies v. United States: May 2003, November 2002, August 2001

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National Foundation, Inc. v. United States: October 1988, January 1988

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National Foundation for Cancer Research v. Newsweek: July 1984

National League of Postmasters of the United States v. Commissioner: September 1996, June 1995

National Muffler Dealers Association, Inc. v. United States: March 2011

National Paralegal Inst. Coalition v. Commissioner: March 2006

National Prime Users Group, Inc. v. United States: July 1990, January 1990, October 1987

National Union v. Marlow: October 2011

National Water Well Association, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 1990, March 1989

Nationalist Movement, The v. Commissioner: May 1994, April 1993

Nautica Phase 2 Limited Partnership v. Commissioner: July 2017

Neely v. Commissioner: February 1986

Neonatology Associates, P.A. v. Commissioner: October 2010, September 2002

New Community Senior Citizen Housing Corporation v. Commissioner: April 1984

New Concordia Bible Church v. Commissioner: March 1985

New Dynamics Foundation v. United States: June 2006

New England Baptist Hospital v. United States: February 1987, July 1986

New Faith, Inc. v. Commissioner: December 1992

New Jersey et al. v. Mnuchin et al.: September 2019

New Jersey Teaching Council of Teaching Hospitals v. Commissioner: December 2020, March 2018


New World Infrastructure Organization v. Commissioner: October 2021

New York v. Merkin; July 2009

New York v. Mnuchin: January 2019

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New York Times Co. v. Sullivan: May 2011

Newark Morning Ledger Co. v. Department of Treasury: February 2010

Newdow v. U.S. Congress et al.: January 2004, December 2003, September 2003, April 2003, August 2002 (also see Elk Grove Unified School Districy v. Newdow)

Newhall Unitrust, Leila G. v. Commissioner: March 1997

Newspaper Guild of New York, Times Unit, The New York Times College Scholarship Fund v. Commissioner: August 1989

Nicoladis v. Commissioner: October 2010, October 1988|


Niz-Chavez v. Garland: July 2021

1982 East, LLC v. Commissioner: June 2011

Nonbelief Relief, Inc. v. Rettig: April 2020

Nonprofits' Insurance Alliance of California v. United States: December 1994

NorCal Tea Party Patriots v. Internal Revenue Service: November 2018, August 2017, July 2017 October 2016, August 2016, March 2016

North Carolina Citizens for Business and Industry v. United States: October 1989


North Carolina Department of Revenue v. Kimberly Rice Kaestner 1992 Family Trust

North Ridge Country Club v. Commissioner: August 1989, November 1988, April 1988, November 1987

Northern Trust Co. v. United States: May 1993, April 1989, June 1987

Northrup Corporation Employee Insurance Benefit Plans Master Trust v. United States: February 2013, September 2011

Northwest Environmental Defense Center v. Bonneville Power Administration: October 2018

Norwood v. Harrison: September 1986


Oakbrook Land Holdings, LLC v. Commissioner: April 2021, August 2020

Oakhill Woods, LLC v. Commissioner: April 2020

Oblinger, Trust U/W Emily v. Commissioner: May 1993


Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association of the United Methodist Church v. Township of Neptune: July 2021, May 2021

Ocean Cove Corp. Retirement Plan and Trust v. United States: June 1987

Ocean Pines Association, Inc. v. Commissioner: May 2012, November 2010

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Ohde v. Commissioner: September 2017

Ohio Disability Association v. Commissioner: January 2010

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Inc. v. Commissioner: April 1997, June 1996

Oklahoma ex rel. Pruitt v. Sebelius: March 2011

Olive v. Commissioner (2012): February 2019

Oliveri v. Commissioner: August 2019

Olson, State ex rel. v. M.R.G. Enterprises, Inc.: March 1985


Ononuju v. Commissioner: October 2021

Optimist Club of North Raleigh, N.C., and J.A. Page v. Riley: February 1989, July 1985

Orange County Agricultural Society, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 1990, October 1988

Oregon State University Alumni Association, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 2006, April 1996, March 1996,
December 1993

Organized Village of Kake v. U.S. Department of Agriculture: October 2018

O'Reilly v. Commissioner: April 1994

Orr v. United States: August 2011

Orth v. Commissioner: July 1987

Osborne v. Commissioner: October 1994, December 1986

Ottawa Silica Co. v. United States (Fed. Cir. 1983): October 2020

Ould v. Washington Hospital for Foundlings: August 2006


Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru: September 2020, July 2020, March 2020

Overall v. Ascension: August 2017

Oxford Orphanage, Inc. v. United States: December 1985, July 1984


Palmer, Estate of D.D. v. Commissioner: April 1986

Palmer Ranch Holdings Ltd. v. Commissioner: December 2016, April 2016, July 2014, April 2016

Palumbo, Estate of v. United States: May 2011

Panera Bread Foundation, Inc. v. Commissioner: July, 2020, June 2019

Paratransit Insurance Corporation v. Commissioner: August 1994, December 2009

Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District: February 2007, September 2007

Parker v. Commissioner: May 1986

Parker Rehabilitation Foundation, Wendy L. v. Commissioner: September 2009, February 2009, August 2006, November 1986

Parks v. Commissioner: February 2018, January 2016, April 1984

Partita Partners, LLC v. United States: January 2017


Partners in Charity, Inc. v. Commissioner: May 2017

Pasqualini v. Commissioner: September 1994

Patel v. Commissioner: August 2012

Patients Mutual Assistance Collective Corporation v. Commissioner: February 2019

Patterson v. Commissioner: July 1987

Patterson v. McLean Credit Union: July 1989, June 1988

PBBM-Rose Hill v. Commissioner: October 2018, December 2016

Peerless Industries, Inc. v. United States: February 1994

People of God Community v. Commissioner: December 1986, February 1984

People of the State of New York v. National Rifle Association et al.: October 2021, October 2020

People of the State of New York v. Trump: February 2020

People's Educational Camp Society, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 2008

Pescosolido v. Commissioner: November 1989, August 1988

Peters v. Commissioner: December 2000

Peterson v. Commissioner: April 1987

Peterson v. Fairview Health Services: August 2005

Petter, Estate of v. Commissioner: February 2013, October 2011

Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Services, Inc. v. The University of Utah: December 1989

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity v. Commissioner: January 1990, June 1988

Philadelphia and Reading Relief Association v. Commissioner: October 2011

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, United States v.: September 2004


Pine Mountain Preserve, LLLP v. Commissioner: March 2019, April 2020, January 2021


Pinkert v. Schwab Charitable Fund: September 2021

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc. v. Bellotti: February 1989, July 1985

Plateau Holdings, LLC v. Commissioner: September 2020

Pleasant Grove City, Utah v. Summum: May 2009

Plumstead Theatre Society v. Commissioner: January 1984

PNC Bank, N.A. v. PPL Electric Utilities Corp.: September 2006

Police Benevolent Association of Richmond, Va. v. United States: June 1987

Polish Army Veterans Post 147 v. Commissioner: October 2011

Pollard v. Commissioner: April 2013, June 1986

Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Co.: June 1988

Polm Family Foundation v. United States: July 2011

Porter v. United States: October 1984

Portland Golf Club v. Commissioner: December 2018, October 2017,  January 1991

Portland Golf Club v. United States: May 1990, March 1990, April 1988

Powell v. Commissioner: January 1992

Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. v. Commissioner: February 1991, August 1987, November 1984,
October 1984, April 1984

Presley v. Commissioner, January 2020, December 2018, January 2020

Price v. Commissioner: July 1985

Priests for Life v. Department of Health and Human Services: January 2016, November 2015, January 2015,
arch 2014

Proctor & Gamble Co. and Subsidiaries v. United States: April 2010

Professional Insurance Agents of Washington v. Commissioner: March 1987

Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc. v. Milford, Conn.: July 2004

Provena Covenant Medical Center v. Illinois Department of Revenue: May 2010, December 2008, November 2008

Prussner v. United States: June 2009

Public Citizen, Inc. et. al. v. Trump et. al. (D.D.C): May, 2018, April 2017

Public Industries, Inc. v. Commissioner: February 1991, March 2009

Pulpit Resource v. Commissioner: February 1991, March 1987

Puri v. Khalsa: October 2018, July 2018


Quality Auditing Company v. Commissioner: September 2000

Quinn v. Commissioner: August 2012



Railroad Holdings, LLC v. Commissioner: April 2020


Rajagopalan v. Commissioner: February 2021

Randall v. Sorrell: September 2006, April 2006

Rapco, Inc. v. Commissioner: August 1996

Ray v. Commissioner: December 2018

Reaching Souls International v. Azar: May 2018


Real Alternatives, Inc. v. Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services: October 2017

Redlands Surgical Services v. Commissioner: December 2011, July 2004, June 2001, May 2001, September 1999

Red Oak Estates, LLC v. Commissioner: October 2020

Reed v. Commissioner: April 1984

Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona: October 2015

Regan v. Taxation With Representation of Washington: November 1984

Regan v. Wright: August 1984

Reis Estate v. Commissioner: January 1987

Reisner v. Commissioner: August 2016, January 2015

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute v. Commissioner: May 1990, June 1984

RERI Holdings I, LLC v. Commissioner: August 2019, September 2017

Research Consulting Associates, Inc. v. Electric Power Research Institute: March 1986

Research Corproation v. Commissioner: May 2012

Reserve Mechanical Corp. v. Commissioner: August 2018

Retreat in Motion, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 1984

Rhoades v. Commissioner: February 1989

Richardson v. Commissioner: February 1985

Ridgely v. Lew: August 2017

Riley v. National Federation of the Blind of North Carolina, Inc.: September 2011, August 1992, July 1991, February 1990, January 1990, February 1989, September 1988

Riverside Place, LLC v. Commissioner: September 2020

Rio Properties, Inc. v. Rio International Interlink: May 2002

Roark v. Commissioner: February 2005

Roberts, Acting Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Human Rights v. United States Jaycees: August 1988, July 1987, August 1984

Robertson v. United States: March 2010, January 1985

Robinson, Estate of v. Commissioner: November 2010

Robertson's Estate, Commissioner v.: August 1993

Rockefeller v. Commissioner: June 1984

Rodriguez v. Commissioner: September 2013

Roe v. United States: April 2004

Roe v. Wade: August 1992

Roe Foundation Charitable Trust v. Commissioner: December 1989

Rolfs v. Commissioner: August 2012, April 2012, January 2011

Rolling Rock Club v. United States: May 1986

Rollinson v. Commissioner: March 1989

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta v. Sebelius: May 2014

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington v. Burwell: January 2016, November 2015


Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo: February 2021

Rome I Ltd. v. Commissioner: July 1991

Roth v. Commissioner: July 2019, March 2018

Rothman v. Commissioner: October 2012, August 2012

Rowan Companies v. United States: March 2011

RP Golf, LLC v. Commissioner: September 2017, August 2017, July 2016, May 2016, December 2012

Ruberto v. Commissioner: January 1986

Rumford Free Catholic Library v. Town of Rumford: September 2020

Runyon v. McCrary: July 1989, June 1988

Rush Prudential HMO, Inc. v. Moran: October 2011

Russell v. Allen: August 2006

Russell v. Commissioner: June 1988


Rutkoske v. Commissioner: October 2017

Ryan v. Telemarketing Associates, Inc.: January 2003


Sable Communications of California, Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission: January 1990


Sapp v. Commissioner: February 2021

St. David's Health Care System, Inc. v. United States: August 2004, July 2004, May 2004, January 2004, August 2002

St. German of Alaska Eastern Orthodox Church v. United States: May 1988, April 1987

St. James School v. Biel: September 2020, July 2020, March 2020

St. John's Orphanage, Inc. v. United States: April 1989

St. Joseph Farms of Indiana, etc. v. Commissioner: August 1985

St. Louis Science Fiction Limited v. Commissioner: October 1985, July 1985

St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City v. United States: September 1985

Saint Francis College v. Al-Khazraji: July 1987

Saint Germain Foundation v. Commissioner: January 1991

Salus Mundi Foundation, Transferee v. Commissioner: October 2016, May 2012

Salt Point Timber, LLC v. Commissioner: February 2018

Salvation Navy, Inc. v. Commissioner: January 2003

Sammons v. Commissioner: March 1988

Samson v. Commissioner: February 1986, June 1985, July 1984, April 1984

San Diego v. Roe: May 2011


San Jose Wellness v. Commissioner: April 2021

Sandler v. Commissioner: December 1986

Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe: August 2000

Schachter v. Commissioner: October 1986

Schaefer, Estate of v. Commissioner: October 2015

Schaumburg, Village of v. Citizens for a Better Environment: August 1992, July 1991, February 1990,
January 1990, February 1989, September 1988, June 1988, March 1988, May 1987, July 1985, March 1985,
January 1985, August 1984

Scheidelman v. Commissioner: October 2012, August 2012, October 2010

Schrimsher v. Commissioner: May 2016, May 2011

Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action: June 2014

Schuster v. Commissioner: December 1986, November 1986, February 1986, June 1985

Schwerm v. Commissioner: February 1986

Schwinger v. Commissioner: April 1987

Scripture Press Foundation v. United States: January 1991

Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.: May 2014

Secretary of State of Maryland v. Joseph H. Munson Co.: August 1992, July 1991, January 1990, February 1989, September 1988, June 1988, March 1988, May 1987, July 1985, March 1985, January 1985, August 1984

Seila Law v. CFPB: May 2020

Self-Realization Brotherhood, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 1984


Sells v. Commissioner: April 2021

Senior Citizens of Missouri, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 1989

Senior Housing Assistance Group v. Amtax Holdings 260, LLC: April 2019

Service Bolt & Nut Co. Profit Sharing Trust v. Commissioner: April 1984, March 1984

Seven-Sky v. Holder: January 2012, May 2011

Shaare Tefila Congregation v. Cobb: July 1987

Sharpe Holdings, Inc. v. Department of Health and Human Services: November 2015

Shays and Meehan v. Federal Election Commission: February 2006, November 2005, November 2004

Shelley v. Commissioner: October 1994

Sherbert v. Verner: May 2009

Sherman v. Richmond Hose Co.: January 2017

Sherwin-Williams Co. Employee Health Plan Trust v. Commissioner: February 2013, September 2011, January 2009, August 2003

Shiloh Youth Revival Centers v. Commissioner: April 1987

Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children v. First Security Bank of Utah: October 1990, July 1990, April 1990

Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children v. Noah Mack Smith: February 1990

Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children v. United States: April 1989, February 1988

Shunk Association, John Q. v. United States: April 1986

Siegel v. Department of the Treasury: June 2018

Sierra Club, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 2006, May 1999, August 1996, April 1996, October 1994, September 1993, July 1993

Silver, Estate of v. Commissioner: July 2003

Signom v. Commissioner: September 2000

Simmons v. Commissioner: May 2016, December 2012, June 2012, August 2011, October 2010, November 2009

Simpson v. Commissioner: July 2019

Simpson v. United States: September 1987

Singer v. United States (Ct. Cl. 1971): October 2020

Siskin Memorial Foundation, Inc., The Mose and Garrison: June 1986

Sissel v. Department of Health and Human Services: October 2015

Skidmore v. Swift & Co.: July 2008

Skillman Family Reunion Fund, Inc., The v. United States: June 2002

Sklar v. Commissioner: February 2009, March 2006, April 2002

Skripak v. Commissioner: July 1985, April 1985

Slee v. Commissioner: November 1988

Smith v. Commissioner: August 2011, March 2010, July 1987, December 1986, November 1986, January 1986,
May 1985

Smith v. OSF Health Care System: December 2018

Snyder v. Commissioner: May 1986

Snyder v. Jehovah's Witnesses, Inc.: March 2006

Snyder v. Phelps: May 2011

Soliman v. Commissioner: July 1991

Sorrell v. IMS Health, Inc.: August 2011, July 2011

Sound Health Association v. Commissioner: March 1993, February 1987

South Carolina, State of v. Baker: June 1988

South Community Association v. Commissioner: February 2006

South End Italian Independent Club, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 1986

South Nazarene University v. Burwell: January 2016

Southern Faith Ministries, Inc. v. Geithner: December 2009

Southwest Texas Electrical Cooperative, Inc. v. Commissioner: December 1995

Spanish American Cultural Association of Bergenfield v. Commissioner: November 1994

Speck v. United States: May 1993

Spiegelman v. Commissioner: May 1994

Spiritual Outreach Society v. Commissioner: April 1991

Stahl v. United States: May 2012, January 2011, February 2010

Stanbury Law Firm, P.A. v. Internal Revenue Service: October 2000


Standing Akimbo, LLC v. United States: January 2021

Stanley Works and Subsidiaries v. Commissioner: September 1986

Staples v. Commissioner: September 1987

Stark v. Commissioner: April 1986

Starkey, Estate of v. United States: November 2000, October 2000, July 1999

State Department of Assessments and Taxation v. North Baltimore Center, Inc.: March 2000


State of New York ex rel. TZAC, Inc. v. New Israel Fund: May 2021

State of Texas et al. v. United States: April 2020

Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 1985

Steele v. Industrial Development Board of Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County: May 2009,
May 2003

Steele v. United States: May 2020, November 2018, November 2017

Steeves v. IRS: August 2020

Stephenson v. Commissioner: October 1985

Stern v. United Staes: October 2012

Stewart v. Commissioner: March 1989, October 1988

Stotler v. Commissioner: July 1987

Strasser v. Commissioner: January 1987

Strawbridge Square, Inc. v. United States: January 1984

Strayhorn v. Ethical Society of Austin, Texas: June 2004

Streich v. Pennsylvania Commission on Charitable Organizations: August 1984

Strock, Estate of v. United States: May 1993, September 1990, April 1989, June 1987

Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University: January 2021

Styles v. Friends of Fiji: May 2011, May 2009

Sun Capital Partners III, LP v. New England Teamsters & Trucking Industry Pension Fund: June 2016, May 2014, October 2013

Sunrise Construction Company, Inc. v. Commissioner: May 1987

Swaggert Ministries, The Jimmy v. Board of Equalization of California: March 1990, December 1989, August 1989

Synanon Church v. United States: September 1987, November 1984


Talebi v. Commissioner: July 1985

Tallal v. Commissioner: July 1987, February 1987

Tarpey v. United States: June 2019

Tax Analysts v. Internal Revenue Service: May 2012, May 2006, February 2004, November 2002

Tax Analysts v. Internal Revenue Service and Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.: September 2005, August 2005

Tax Analysts v. United States: September 1986

Taxation With Representation of Washington v. Regan: July 1985

Telco Communications, Inc. v. Carbaugh: February 1990

Temple University v. United States: February 1987, July 1986, September 1985

Ten Twenty Six Investors v. Commissioner: August 2017

Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes, Inc. v. United States: July 1986, June 1986, July 1985

Terre Haute First National Bank v. United States: July 1991

Terrell v. Commissioner: August 2016

Texas Apartment Association v. United States: April 2005, July 1989

Texas et al. v. United States: March 2020, July 2019, February 2019

Texas Farm Bureau v. United States: August 1995, September 1993, June 1993

Texas Learning Technology Group v. Commissioner: May 1992, June 1991

Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust v. United States: March 2006

Texas Monthly, Inc. v. Bullock: July 1990, March 1990, January 1989, June 1988

The Legion of Christ, Inc. v. Town of Mount Pleasant (S.D.N.Y. (July 27): October 2020

Theodotou v. Commissioner: July 1985

There to Care, Inc. v. Commissioner, Indiana Department of Revenue: May 1994

Thomas More Law Center v. Becerra: July 2021, May 2020, June 2019, November 2018, May 2021


Thomas More Law Center v. Bonta: September 2021

Thomas More Law Center v. Harris: February 2017

Thomas More Law Center v. Obama: December 2011, September 2011, December 2010

Thorne v. Commissioner: October 1992

Thorton v. Commissioner: June 1989, March 1989


310 Retail, LLC v. Commissioner: October 2017

Tidler v. Commissioner: September 1987

Tiger Inn v. Frank: March 1991

Todd v. Commissioner: July 2002

TOT Property Holdings,LLC v. Commissioner: September 2021, March 2020

Towe Antique Ford Foundation v. Internal Revenue Service: November 1994, November 1993

Town of Greece, New York v. Galloway: May 2019, July 2014

Transamerica Corporation v. United States: June 1990, December 1988


Trenton Business Assistance Corp. v. O’Connell et al.: April 2021

Trinidad v. Sagrada Orden de Predicadores de la Provincia del Santisimo Rosario de Filipinas: January 1991

Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer: March 2020, May 2019, September 2017, June 2017

Triumph Mixed Use Investments III, LLC v. Commissioner: July 2018

Triune of Life Church, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 1985

Trout Ranch, LLC v. Commissioner: October 2012, March 2011

Troyer v. Commissioner: June 1989

Truck Stop, The v. Deschutes County Assessor: April 2010

True the Vote, Inc. v. IRS: August 2019, March 2018,  January 2017, December 2016,
October 2016


True the Vote, Inc. v. Lerner: May 2017,  January 2017

Trustees for the Home for Aged Women v. United States: May 1986

Tualatin Valley Builders Supply, Inc. v. United States: July 2008

Tumbarello v. United States: January 1990, November 1989

Turek v. United States: January 1987

Turner v. Commissioner: August 2006

Tweeddale v. Commissioner: July 1989

Twin Oaks Community, Inc. v. Commissioner: February 1988, January 1987


Underwood v. United States: January 2018

U.S. Citizens Association v. Sebelius: September 2011, January 2011

U.S. House of Representatives v. Texas: April 2020

U.S. Security et al. v. Federal Trade Commission: December 2003

U.S. Trust Co. v. United States: December 1986

United Cancer Council, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 2001, April 1999, January 1998, May 1993, May 1991, March 1991

United Libertarian Fellowship, Inc. v. Commissioner: August 1993, June 1993

United Missionary Aviation, Inc. v. Commissioner: January 1991

United States v. American Bar Endowment: February 2020, September 2019 , November 2018, January 2011, October 2010, 
August 1986

United States v. Bible Study Time, Inc.: May 2018

United States v. Correll: March 2011

United States v. Danielczwk, Jr., and Biagi: October 2012, August 2011

United States v. Detroit Medical Center: October 2016

United States v. Freeman: June 1993

United States v. Gardner: October 2015

United States v. Hartshorn: May 2012

United States v. Home Concrete and Supply, LLC: June 2012, March 2012

United States v. Hovind: October 2009

United States v. Judicial Watch, Inc.: March 2003

United States v. Living Word Christian Center: March 2010, October 2009, June 2009, April 2009, February 2009, January 2009

United States v. Lopez: May 2011, February 2011

United States v. McClain: September 2011

United States v. Mead Corporation: July 2008

United States v. Meyer: July 2019

United States v. Morrison: February 2011

United States v. NorCal Tea Party Patriots: May 2016

United States v. Nutter: May 2019

United States v. RaPower-3, LLC: August 2020

United States v. Seeger: October 2017

United States v. Stockman: April 2020


United States v. Woods: February 2021

United States v. Wells Fargo Bank: June 2013, October 2012

United  States v. Windsor: September 2013

United States v. Wright: March 2020

United States v. Zak: November 2020, February 2020

United States Catholic Conference, In re: November 1989, August 1988

United States Catholic Conference v. Abortion Rights Mobilization, Inc.: November 1989, August 1988, February 1988

United States Catholic Conference and National Conference of Catholic Bishops and Abortion Rights Mobilization, Inc. et al.: November 1989, October 1989

United States National Bank of Oregon v. Independent Inusrance Agents of America, Inc.: May 2012

United States Trust Co. v. United States: October 1985

United We Stand America, Inc. v. IRS: May 2004

Universal Bible Church, Inc. v. Commissioner: November 1986

Universal Church of Jesus Christ, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 1988

Universal Life Church, Inc. v. United States: January 1988, May 1986

University Medical Resident Services, P.C. v. Commissioner: October 1996

Urantia Foundation v. Commissioner: April 1984

U.S. House of Representatives v. Burwell: July 2016, November 2015

Utah County v. Intermountain Health Care, Inc.: November 1985

Utah Highway Patrol Association v. American Atheists, Inc.: January 2012


Val Lanes Recreation Center Corporation v. Commissioner: September 2018

Van Dusen v. Commissioner: August 2011

Van Hollen v. IRS: October 2013

Van Orden v. Perry: May 2009, September 2005

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