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Bruce R. Hopkins has authored more than 35 books about nonprofit law, most of which are published by Wiley, a leading provider of content-enabled solutions to improve outcomes in research, education and professional practice. The books featured here are the top-selling editions.  

Go to Wiley's web site to order copies.
Hopkins also has published books with other publishers. In addition to his Wiley titles, Hopkins has written
two memoirs and two books of poetry, featured on the Poetry page. See a list of Hopkins' titles below.

Hopkins is the author or co-author of these books: ​​​

  • Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Law Library (e-book) (2013)

  • The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations (4th ed. 2013) [with Thomas K. Hyatt]

  • Nonprofit Law for Colleges and Universities: Essential Questions and Answers for Officers, Directors, and Advisors (2011)
    [with Virginia C. Gross and Thomas J. Schenckelberg]


  • Nonprofit Governance: Law, Practices and Trends (2009) [with Virginia C. Gross]

  • The New Form 990: Law, Policy and Preparation (2009) [with Douglas K. Anning, Virginia C. Gross, Thomas J. Schenkelberg]

  • Fundraising Law Made Easy (2009)

  • IRS Audits of Tax-Exempt Organizations: Policies, Practices and Procedures (2008)

  • Nonprofit Law for Religious Organizations: Essential Questions and Answers (2008) [with David O. Middlebrook]

  • Private Foundation Law Made Easy (2008)

  • Charitable Giving Law Made Easy (2007)

  • The Tax Law of Associations (2006)

  • The Tax Law of Unrelated Business for Nonprofit Organizations (2005)

  • Nonprofit Law Made Easy (2005)

  • 650 Essential Nonprofit Law Questions Answered (2005)

  • The Nonprofits’ Guide to Internet Communications Law (2003)

  • The Law of Intermediate Sanctions: A Guide for Nonprofits (2003) 

  • The Legal Answer Book for Private Foundations (2002) [with Jody Blazek]

  • The First Legal Answer Book for Fund-Raisers (2000)

  • The Second Legal Answer Book for Fund-Raisers (2000)

  • The Legal Answer Book for Nonprofit Organizations (1996)

  • The Second Legal Answer Book for Nonprofit Organizations (1999)

  • Author of the monthly newsletter, Bruce R. Hopkins’ Nonprofit Counsel (now in its 37th year),
    available from Wiley.

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