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For 50 years, Bruce R. Hopkins practiced nonprofit law, working with tax-exempt and charitable organizations. 
As one of the most respected attorneys in this field, Hopkins authored more than 40 books about the laws for nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations, including many of the textbooks about nonprofit law used by U.S. law schools. As the Professor from Practice at the University of Kansas School of Law, Hopkins taught courses in nonprofit law. At age 72, Hopkins returned to law school to earn his SJD, the highest law degree. He shares the story of his journey to fulfill a lifelong dream in one of two memoirs. Hopkins also publishes poetry based on his work in the field.

This site highlights the most popular of books by Bruce R. Hopkins. A list of titles that Hopkins has written, co-authored or contributed content is provided here, as well. 

Click below to find the best-selling titles for each of these topics:

Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations

Charitable Giving and Fundraising

Nonprofit Law & Management

Nonprofit Board Resources

Nonprofit Law Resources

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